Connect Point Ladies Ministry


Connect Point Ladies Ministry

The Connect Point Ladies Ministry provide the congregation and community an invaluable ministry. God has blessed Bible World with great women who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, love to worship, and are active in ministering to the community, and enjoy many regular opportunities for fellowship, teaching, food and fun. 

Connect Point Ladies Ministry conducts events throughout the year which provide opportunities to develop friendships and learn Biblical Principles. Our lead pastors wife, Sister Elsy Cunningham, brings speakers who directly minister to the needs of ladies. Her desire is to provide spiritual support to each lady on a personal basis.

Our Ladies Ministry host an annual conference in the fall called Women of the Spirit, with over 500 ladies in attendance. This conference is packed with powerful worship and overflowing with the Spirit and the Word of God.

Connect Point Ladies Ministry is led by Sister Elsy Cunningham with support from her Executive Staff and Women of the Spirit Committee.

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Elsy Cunningham            Ladies Ministry Director



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