Family Ministry

Family Ministry

Family Ministry...

We are a family church.  Family is priority with us.  Many events, services, fellowships, and functions throughout the year are designed and offered to benefit and strengthen the family unit.  Our pastor believes … “As goes the family, so goes the church.”  The church will never be any stronger than the family units that make up the church.  Family Ministry is led by Pastor Doug Streit (

In 2019 we have improved our family ministry by increasing the pastoral staff and creating two new family focus areas for ministry: 

Devoted – Focus is on the adventurous early years of family life. We will focus on helping the family live for God and developing relationships with God each other.

Faithful – Focus is on the experienced family that faces different challenges as the family grows, transitions, and new families are forged through the faithfulness of the godly, mature family. Faithful Family Ministry is led by Pastor Mike O’Donnell (